UK Sponsors

We are delighted to announce our new sponsor, a female led law firm in the UK, specialising in timeshare law.

If you are thinking of cancelling a timeshare or holiday agreement, they help and guide you through the process, regardless of when you signed the agreement. If you were mis-sold, it may be possible to recover what was initially paid. Even if you have been happily involved in a timeshare for years, but live has got in the way and it doesn’t work for you anymore, they can help you to move out of the contract in the face of companies who will be desperate to keep you tied down.

With a proven track record, they will mediate on your behalf to help get the reparations you deserve. Companies often use aggressive pressure techniques to get you to agree to terms you otherwise might not have, particularly techniques to take hefty deposits on credit cards. After careful research and consultation, they will assess whether you have a valid case, and if you are owed money because misrepresentation has occurred.

Many timeshares are sold by through group presentations, where companies will pitch the property to you. Fraudulent companies may offer incentives for you to come along; letting you know that you have won a gift is a common one. To claim your ‘gift’, all you need to do is attend the presentation. This tactic is used by some legitimate companies, clearly stating that ‘gifts’ can only be redeemed if you sign up to a timeshare with them. Other less reputable companies do not do this, and this is where problems, legal ones in-particular, arise. They advise that you only go to a presentation like this if you already have an interest in a timeshare. Attending to just get the ‘gift’ is playing into their hands.

With a focus on timeshares in Spain, the Balearics and the Canary Isles, they’ve been providing this valuable and often overlooked service, and we’re very happy to be working with them in the future.