FLOW 2016-2020 selected programmes

We are delighted to announce the nine  programmes that will be funded by FLOW in the coming years. These proposals aim to create opportunities for women and girls and foster a transition to a world where women’s rights are better protected. At all levels, these exciting, dynamic programs will contribute to sustainable, inclusive development and to fight against poverty and the lack of equal rights for women and girls all across the world.

Women for Women International (WfWI)
In their program “Engaging women as agents of change against gender-based violence and poverty” WfWI aims to encourage economic participation and self-reliance, aiding communities in addressing reducing violence against women.

SVNs programme “Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises” (EOWE) advances women’s economic empowerment (WEE) through implementation of policies that tackle the gender divide, as well as aiming to break down socio-economic barriers in Vietnam and Kenya.

Consortium IBISand Impunity Watch
This coalition of organisations aims to implement the program in three (post)conflict countries, Guatemala, Liberia and Burundi, that all face similar gender issues as they redevelop after conflict. They aim is to end violence against women and bring about societal change  by seeking to mobilise, influence and develop the capacity for long lasting agents of change in the area.

International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)
The programme “Women’s Action for Voice and Empowerment (WAVE)” is aimed at transform gender equality issues in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste through strategic feminist engagement . By helping women engage and participate in politics and public administration, with reducing violence against women in a tandem focus.

Action Aid
The program is based on the concept and belief that for women’s to gain parity and success in regards to economic empowerment, women need to have equal access to and control over fundamental resources and opportunities, starting with their time and income, letting them make their own choices and choose their own path. Action Aid will work in Ghana, Rwanda, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Coalition of Rutgers, Promundo and Sonke Gender Justice
The programme “Prevention and Partnering with men to end GBV” aims to contribute to a free and just society in regards to gender parity, free of gender based violence (GBV). This programme will work in Uganda, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Lebanon, Egypt, OPT and Morocco.

Coalition of Simavi, Solidaridad and Healthy Entrepreneurs Foundation
Based in Tanzania and Ghana, the programme “Going for Gold” aims to ring economic empowerment and parity along with safe and sound working conditions for women in and around artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities.

The programme “Women Empowered for Leadership Programme” focuses on aiding women’s participation in local politics, particularity  public administration and in civic organisations such as trade unions in Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA)
The programme “Women Occupy the Media” aims to help professional and citizen media outlets connect with women civil society organizations to help promote women’s participation in societal power structures and decision-making, aiming to aid the prevention of gender-based violence in the region.

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